This interface describes the methods and properties of the global popclip object.

interface PopClip {
    appear(): void;
    context: Context;
    copyContent(content, options?): void;
    copyText(text, options?): void;
    input: Input;
    modifiers: Modifiers;
    openUrl(url, options?): void;
    options: Options & AuthOptions;
    pasteContent(content, options?): void;
    pasteText(text, options?): void;
    performCommand(command, options?): void;
    pressKey(key, modifiers?): void;
    share(serviceName, items): void;
    showFailure(): void;
    showSettings(): void;
    showSuccess(): void;
    showText(text, options?): void;


context: Context

The current context.

input: Input

The current selection.

modifiers: Modifiers

The state of the modifier keys when the action was invoked in PopClip.

During the execution of the population function, all the modifiers will read as false.

options: Options & AuthOptions

The current values of the options.


  • Trigger PopClip to appear again with the current selection.

    Returns void

  • Place mixed content on the pasteboard, optionally showing "Copied" notification to the user.


    Returns void

  • Place the given string on the pasteboard, optionally showing "Copied" notification to the user.


    • text: string

      The plain text string to copy

    • Optional options: CopyOptions

    Returns void

  • Open a URL in a browser or other application.

    If a target application bundle identifier is specified via the app option, PopClip will ask that app to open the URL.

    If no target app is specified:

    • If the URL is a web URL (http or https scheme) and the current app is a browser, the URL is opened in the current app.
    • Otherwise, PopClip asks macOS to open the URL in the default handler for its scheme.

    Any parameters etc. in the URL must be appropriately percent-encoded. JavaScript provides the encodeURIComponent() function for this. Alternatively you can use the URL class, which is available as a global in PopClip's JavaScript environment.


    • url: string | UrlObject

      URL string or a UrlObject representing the URL to open.

    • Optional options: {
          activate?: boolean;
          app?: string;
          backgroundTab?: boolean;


      • Optional activate?: boolean

        Whether to request that macOS activate the target app. (Default: true)

      • Optional app?: string

        Bundle identifier of the app to open the URL with. For example "".

      • Optional backgroundTab?: boolean

        When opening a web URL in a supported browser, whether to open the URL in a background tab. (Default: false)

    Returns void


    // examples using string URLs
    popclip.openUrl(""); // open in current/default browser
    popclip.openUrl("", {app: "com.brave.Browser"}); // open in Brave browser

    // example using URL class
    const mailUrl=new URL("");
    mailUrl.searchParams.append("subject", "What's up?");
    popclip.openUrl(mailUrl); // the mailto: link will open in the default mail application
  • If the target app's Paste command is available, this method places the given string on the pasteboard and then invokes the target app's Paste comand. If the restore flag is set in the options, it will then restore the original pasteboard contents.

    If the target app's Paste command is not available, it behaves as copyText instead.


    • text: string

      The plain text string to paste

    • Optional options: PasteOptions

    Returns void


    // place "Hello" on the clipboard and invoke Paste
    // place "Hello", then restore the original pasteboard contents
    popclip.pasteText("Hello", {restore: true});
  • Invokes a command in the target app.


    • command: "copy" | "cut" | "paste"

      Either cut, copy or paste.

    • Optional options: {
          transform?: "none" | "plain";

      Options for the command.

      • Optional transform?: "none" | "plain"

        Transformation to apply to the pasteboard contents. (Default: none)

        • none: regular pasteboard operation
        • plain: strips away everything but plain text

    Returns void

  • Simulate a key press by the user.


    • key: string | number

      The key to press. When this parameter is a string, PopClip will interpret it as in Key Press actions. When this parameter is a number, PopClip will use that exact key code.

    • Optional modifiers: number

      An optional bit mask specifiying additional modifier keys, if any.

    Returns void


    // press the key combo ⌘B
    popclip.pressKey('command B');
    // press the key combo ⌥⌘H
    popclip.pressKey('option command H');
    // press the return key
    popclip.pressKey(util.constant.KEY_RETURN); // equivalent
    * // press option and the page down key
    popclip.pressKey('option 0x79');
    popclip.pressKey(0x79, util.constant.MODIFIER_OPTION); // equivalent

    Some key code and modifier constants are available in util.constant.

  • Share items with a named macOS sharing service.


    Returns void


    // share a string with the Messages service
    popclip.share("", ["Hello, world!"]);
    // share a URL with the Safari Reading List service
    popclip.share("", [{ url: "" }]);
    // share a an html string with the Notes service
    const item = new RichString("Some <b>simple</b> html", { format: html })
    popclip.share("", [item]);

    The list of available sharing services is determined by the user's system configuration.


    If the service name is not recognized, or if the service cannot handle the supplied items, an error is thrown.

  • PopClip will show an "X" symbol to indicate failure.

    Returns void

  • PopClip will open the settings UI for this extension.

    If the extension has no settings, this method does nothing.

    Returns void

  • PopClip will show a checkmark symbol to indicate success.

    Returns void

  • Display text to the user.


    • text: string

      The text to display.

    • Optional options: {
          preview?: boolean;
          style?: "compact" | "large";


      • Optional preview?: boolean

        Applies to compact display mode only. If true, and the app's Paste command is available, the displayed text will be in a clickable button, which clicked, pastes the full text.

      • Optional style?: "compact" | "large"

        Display style:

        • compact (default): Show the text inside PopClip's popup. It will be truncated to 160 characters when shown.
        • large: Show as "Large Type" in full screen.

    Returns void